Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grandma's Birthday

My mom called me on Monday and said that she wanted to spend her birthday on Friday with Shae. I told her that that sounded marvelous and to come. So they did. 

Mom and Dad came down on Thursday evening and stayed through Saturday afternoon. Last minute and short, but so nice to see them. Shae is at such a fun stage right now (Of course when isn't he? But every new stage just seems better than the last). He seems to constantly be changing and learning so I was really glad that they got to come down and enjoy his silliness, even if it was only for 48 hours. They loved him. He loved them. Life was good.

On my mom's birthday on Friday morning, we headed down to our little beach down the street. It's so fun to watch Shae at the beach. The focus he has while plopped in the sand using a shovel (or measuring cup) to take the sand from one place to another, so fun to watch (for his own mother at least, probably not to many others). 

Shae had a blast playing with grandpa while mom and I kicked back and read and talked.

That afternoon we went to campus and took a tour of the Wren building, then came home and watched Cars (Shae has been super into cars the last week or so, so grandma brought the movie with them). After Shae went to bed we pulled out the Brownies and Rocky Road and did adult things, like finish Cars. 

Saturday morning we...cut Shae's hair...more about that later. Then went off to Busch Garden's to try and bring back my good mood that was lost in the pile of curls on the living room floor. 

Mom and Dad went on their first roller coaster ride in years, we watched a few shows and enjoyed each others company walking around country to country. Such a fun amusement park.

Then they were off, back up to Pennsylvania. Hopefully we get to see them again soon!

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