Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Team Sha-Sha

SHAron and SHAe. Get it? Sha-Sha. I know, creative right? Stop me now.

After a crazy whirlwind weekend of Youth Conference and then coming home just to turn around and drive up to DC to clean out our car, drop off a car and come right back down (remind me to never do that again)'s nice to be home. However, it quickly sunk in that Grandma Sharon is no longer here (as I can't seem to blow dry my hair anymore without a little fussy boy at my feet trying to get my attention). We are missing her like crazy! 

We had such a wonderful visit with Darin's mom and can only hope that she feels the same (even though we dragged her out into the East Coast humid-heat a few times too many). It was so nice to see Shae form such a loving bond with his grandma, especially since he has barely seen her over the past year. He fell in love with her instantly and had such a good time spending time with her.

About an hour after she arrived they went outside and played in the rain while I stayed dry on the inside snapping some pictures...Shae loved her to death from that moment on.

 He fell asleep on her one afternoon. Um, who is this kid? This NEVER happens. I might have been slightly jealous. I guess it was the grandma touch.

And here they are again sleeping away on our way to Monticello.

These two. They're a pair.

Seriously, can't get over how nice it was to have her here (to have an adult to talk to during the day!) We love you Grandma! Come back soon!

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  1. I sure miss this dude. I wish I could have smuggled him home to Idaho.