Monday, March 17, 2014

Whispy Hair

This hair.

Is awesome. 

The weather was almost  perfect on Saturday. Just slightly too windy for me (Darin would disagree and say that it was perfect). Close enough to perfect (much more perfect than right now as I watch some flurries start up outside my window). We took advantage of that, packed up some grilled chicken, pasta salad and apples and went for a walk to the park for a picnic.

Shae is really in to sharing his food right now. A lot of times he won't even eat unless we put food in his mouth while he puts food in our mouths simultaneously. Whatever works right?

Seriously, his hair. That's all that I can see in these pictures.

His favorite part of the park is currently trying to crawl up the slide. I usually push him up with my hand on his bum and he loves when I let go because he just slides right back down. We do that over and over and over again and we both get excited about it every time the hand leaves the bum. 

All morning he has been walking around with his socks and shoes in hand (he seems to have figured out that shoes have something to do with outside). Sorry kid, no outside today. Today is a total inside day.

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