Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day!

I really really wanted to have a pie party tonight. Good thing we have a branch activity tonight because if not I probably would have planned a party where there would have been multiple pies that I couldn't have eaten but probably would have eaten because my self-control only goes so far. I'm currently doing a "healthy-living" challenge with my besties and one of the rules is to only eat one serving of sweets or less per day. Considering that I can't let something go untasted, it's best that the pie party didn't happen.

So instead, last night with the Elders we had ONE Chocolate Chip Pie where I ate ONE slice and made the Elders eat the rest so that it would be gone. (P.S. This pie is SO easy and SO yummy so if anyone is still looking for a pie to make today, do it). I actually didn't MAKE the Elders do anything I just suggested that they eat the half of the pie that was left, and they did. I was kind of shocked and really hope that they didn't get sick last night but at the same time I'm glad that it's gone.

In other news, being able to walk has opened up new doors of exploration for Shae. He seems to enjoy being outside quite a bit more these days (not that he didn't like it before but he just seems more excited). This is our picture book story from yesterday: 

(Starting with him holding a bag of trash by the door as a hint that he wanted to go take it out to the garbage can).

And in the end he walked back home. The End.

And just in case anyone was wondering, yes, Shae does  own shoes, however, he has a sick obsession with taking them off about .0003 seconds after I put them on. Same with socks. Hence the one sock and one bare foot.

And check out that curly hair! I don't usually post pictures of the back of his head so you don't often get to see his lovely locks taking over the back of his head. Darin keeps saying we need to cut them off because he doesn't have much top hair and is slightly starting to appear mulletish, but I love them too much!

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  1. I love the fascination on his face about everything! Such a fun stage!