Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chasing Cats Is My Game, Feather Duster Is My Name

Shae and I went up to my parents house for a few days last week. It'd been a good three months and we were missing them AND I really really wanted to see A.J. in his last play. I didn't get to experience any of Philip or Anna's high schoolness so I have to take advantage of these last few opportunities with A.J.

He was Daniel Pontipee in the play Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. He KILLED it. Such a stud. He's hilarious and acts his part so well. I couldn't believe that it was my baby brother up there singing and dancing and jumping over people and brooms and doing somersaults. I wish I could see it again!

Other than the play I spent my time chasing the kiddo around the big house with lots of stuff. It must have been like a candy shop in his eyes. He went from one room to the next...his eyes when he pushed on the laundry room door and it opened up...ANOTHER ROOM. SWEET....Yeeeeaaahhh, going home has become much less about relaxing or helping with things that need to get done and more about following the baby boy in a very NOT baby-proof house. His favorite thing was definitely this pet feather toy. He would walk around and stuff it into the animals faces. The cats realized this quickly and would run as soon as they saw him coming, he would just follow behind them until they finally hid.

We celebrated Philip's birthday a few days early so that Shae and I could participate in the festivities. (Well, me anyways, Shae was already asleep by this point). I made him a Better Than Sex Cake which has got to be the best cake around (except for Cheesecake of course). I'll never forget a comedy gig that we went to in Provo..."I feel bad for the wife of the guy who named Better Than Sex Cake." Oh so many jokes and awkward conversations when this cake is around.

Check out those baby hairs. That's where my bald spot used to be (Thank you after pregnancy hair loss). The little hairs are finally growing in and not sticking straight out of my head. We've come a long way together me and those hairs. 

Happy Birthday Philip! Glad we could share it with you! (sort of)

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