Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Shae and I are just gonna stay inside today and try and avoid the cold temperatures of this Polar Vortex as much as possible. Coming from Utah, it's been kind of funny seeing everyone freak out about the cold temperatures. I'm not saying it's not cold, because it is, its just that people round these parts aren't used to it. And it's just weird to me because it lasts for two days and then disappears. It's supposed to be 69 degrees this weekend. What the heck?

Darin and I have both really been missing snow this winter. We always get really jealous as we see snow pics that friends post from Utah and Idaho. Lucky for us, we were able to experience a little  snow while up in Pennsylvania for Christmas. We actually had a white Christmas! Barely, but we'll take it.
Uncle A.J. trying to show Shae the snow through the window.

 We really didn't get much at all on Christmas day (the above pictures were from the day before Christmas) but we did get a good bit more the day after Christmas. It was Darin's day to wake up with Shae so he took him outside to try out the sled, meanwhile Grandpa was testing out the sled on the road-hill right next to the house. He's such a kid at heart. 

I guess we'll just wait and see if Williamsburg ends up getting any kind of snow this year. I can't imagine how people would react if they did. 

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