Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Finished a baby quilt for my Molly. I kind of hated this quilt while I was doing it, I guess that's what happens when you try to be creative and make things up as you go. I liked it a little bit better when I finally added the red border (which looks so much better in person than in this picture). It's just a little too busy for me and the colors didn't mesh as well as I had hoped, oh well.

Now I just have to keep hoping that it gets there okay because apparently I put the wrong zip code on the package and it looks like it's in limbo. A 45 minute conversation later with the post office customer service and I'm still worried for it's life.

Finished another puzzle! This one was fun. I think it's the first puzzle that I really felt committed to and felt like I actually played a big part in its completion (usually Darin is so focused and works on it nonstop once he's started that I end up placing a handful of pieces).

We went on a little puzzle search to a few thrift stores a few weeks ago and this was one of the ones that we found that was used (surprisingly we've found quite a few unopened puzzles at thrift stores that are obviously a lot cheaper than buying new ones other places). We are always a little hesitant about buying the opened ones because it would be so easy for there to be missing pieces. But for a dollar, I convinced Darin that we should get it. Darin is OCD when it comes to puzzles and freaks out if a piece is missing so he made me (okay he ended up helping) count all 1000 pieces to make sure we had them all. When our total came to 1007 we assumed we were safe and thankfully we were. 

Apparently the snow was NOT finished. We were at the bottom of the northern snow storm last week and this week we were at the top of the southern snow storm. I don't mind it. I like looking out the window to see a beautiful white blanket of snow covering the ground. 

As is the case with most people around these parts, we don't have much in the way of snow gear (besides our handy dandy ice scraper/brush for the car). After all, why spend the money on sleds, snow shovels and baby snow gear when the chances of getting snow are so small. Well, we were able to round up some big pants and big boots that Shae was given for him to at least get a taste of the snow. He didn't seem to love it, especially after he flipped in our make-shift sled and face planted...sorry son.

(I almost died yesterday while listening to the radio. They were talking about the snow storm a coming and told us to "batten down the hatches." haha! Oh my gosh I am enjoying this snowy weather far too much).

Nursing my baby is also coming to an end. I've been debating whether we should keep going for awhile longer and we still might for certain feedings, but the end is in sight. I bought a little thing of whole milk this week to start giving him little bits to make sure that his tummy handles it okay.

It's strange because when I first started nursing him I HATED it. Like, loathed it. I probably would have given up if Darin hadn't been so supportive. He would sit by me and help try and position Shae, or he would stick a little syringe of sugar water in his mouth to try and get him to start sucking. He pushed me to try and get Shae to suck without the nipple shield (which I blame for making nursing so sucky at the start, one of the reasons anyways). Yeah, lets give Darin a little standing ovation for his consistent encouragement in this department. He deserves it.

I remember thinking, "I just want to make it to six months. Six months. We can do this." Over time things got ssssooo much easier and it just became a natural routine. One that I have been doing for almost a year now. I never thought I'd be the type of person to get sentimental about stopping but apparently even I can surprise myself. Of course most things I read about how sad women are when they wean their babies is because they love the special connection that they feel with their babies. Maybe deep down inside I feel something like that but on the outside I have a baby sticking his fingers up my nose or slapping at my chest or pulling my hair while he eats. It's hard to feel a "special connection" under those circumstances. I think for me it's just weird to think about not doing it because it's all I know with Shae. It's what we've done since the very first hour of his life. I guess it's also just another sign that he really is outgrowing babyhood. 

I mean look at him! Already working out with little 2 pound weights. Definitely outgrowing "baby."

And now this post is  FINISHED.

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