Monday, November 4, 2013

Walking Is Easy, Sleeping Is Hard

Oh fall day light used to be a day to enjoy. An extra hour of sleep! Who could complain about that? How glorious it was...

Those days are gone. I think it will be a long long time before I enjoy you again. But maybe, just maybe I will enjoy spring day light savings for the first time in my life. Just maybe. It might just feel nice to skip ahead an hour and wake up and see an 8 on the clock. Might just make it worth losing that hour of sleep.

Shae must have missed the memo about an "extra hour of sleep", and although we have been slowly putting him to bed later and later all week, it didn't matter. Why hello five o'clock, I was hoping to not to see you again so soon. Lucky for us, yesterday we were able to get him to go back to sleep for an hourish but today, no way Jose. We tried just about everything but in the end, it was morning. Poor kid, must be so confused... Go back to sleep? But why? I woke up at this time yesterday... by 7:30 this morning he was easily ready for a nap but instead I made him stay awake and go to Wal Mart with me to try and push his little internal clock back. Mean mommy.

Now enough about sleep. I could go on all day about it and am surprised I don't have more blog posts dedicated to what a baby does to your precious sleep (we take sleep pretty serious round these parts in case you couldn't tell. Well, we used to anyways...). So on a more positive note, my little buddy and I went for a nice walk last week. And no matter how sleepy I am, those blue eyes and big toothy grin seem to get me every time and make the world okay again.

This is my favorite part of town. I call it Pocahontas Lake. It is so much prettier in person, but do you see how it divides into a fork in the lake? I start singing..."Should I choose the smoothest curve...should I marry Kocoum?...just around the riverbend..." every time we pass it.
And Rolfe Rd. is RIGHT after the lake! It should definitely be called Pocahontas lake. Someone needs to get on that. (Pocahontas married John Rolfe, fyi for all you John Smith fans).
The next pictures are pictures around the school and this house, I love.

Such a gorgeous campus.

After walking for almost an hour, we stopped at the library which is right across from Darin's work and let Shae play with the leaves and fountain for a bit before convincing daddy to take us home. (Can I just say I LOVE that he takes a pacifier during moments like these. When it comes to playing on the ground and outside, he hasn't figured out yet that if he pulls the pacifier out that other things can go in. Makes my job so much easier).

We really are falling more and more in love with it out here. Especially as the leaves have finally  started to change. Beautiful. My one and only issue so far is this: Sidewalks. Who decided that sidewalks shouldn't exist here? Makes for running/walking with a stroller a bit harder. Guess I'll just have to bring that up at the next city council meeting where we discuss changing the name of the lake as well.

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