Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We've been spoiled. Spoiled for 2 1/2 years. We are no longer spoiled and it straight up ssuucckkssssss. 

When Darin and I were looking for a place to live cable was never a must-have. Sure it would be nice to have cable but we didn't look for a place with cable included and we both knew that it was a luxury that wouldn't be worth our hard-earned dollars. We got lucky. Our little basement apartment was so tiny that Darin couldn't take his shirt off without smacking his arms into the ceiling, but although small, it was quaint, we loved it AND it had cable included. That was a fun plus.

When we finally decided that it was time for Darin to be able to take his shirts off without having to bend over, we went on the hunt for another apartment. We found the perfect two bedroom for the next year of our marriage, the perfect place to bring home a baby. We signed the contract assuming that there was no cable because what were the chances of us finding two places in a row with cable included? We were prepared to live without it. But then on move in day, we found two cable boxes left in the apartment by our landlord with a note saying that cable was included in their HOA payment and that all we had to do was call to set it up. And call we did. And enjoy we did (we had Game Show Network with this cable. Oh Yes).

Moving to Virginia and finding a place to live was a bit of a shocker to both of us. The apartments were hundreds of dollars more expensive than what we paid in Utah and none of them seemed to have ANYTHING included. We definitely weren't even thinking about cable at this point. We were thinking about a water payment that we'd never had to make in our old places on top of all the other bills and the required renters insurance and just about doubling our rent from what we paid in Utah.

We went a week with no cable and then decided to plug in the cable chord just for kicks and giggles. Sure enough, cable. Boom. We had cable. We assumed that the people who lived there before us had a contract that was finishing out and didn't expect to have it forever but I also didn't expect it to be such a horrible event when I turned on the TV last week to find black and gray static fuzz filling the screen.

You guys, I was SO bummed. More bummed than Darin. Who am I? Darin kept saying last week, "You know, I really would have expected it to be me who would be more upset about losing cable." I don't even know why I was so upset, it's not like I watched THAT much TV. I watched the Today Show when I got up with Shae. The Chew at 1 and then we'd occasionally watch an evening show or the Nightly News or Darin would watch some sports. Really, I think it was just nice to have. Nice to know it was there for those boring-stay-at-home-mom-moments where you just need to hear what's going on in the world, or watch a Spanish soap opera or play along with a game of Family Feud. So so so so sad.

And although I feel like I could write about five more paragraphs on this subject ranting about how ridiculous it is that cable is so expensive and how annoying it is that bunny ears won't even get us basic channels, I think that the seven that I have already written will suffice. 

Looks like Shae won't be the only one enjoying the DVDs anymore.

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  1. Ha we have cable (that we pay for, it was part of a package) but it isn't even hooked up. Now if somehow we lost our Netflix or Hulu, then I would be crying myself to sleep. So yeah I get it, it's nice to have the option. Especially for those really late night wake ups.