Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nine Months

We have a nine monther roaming the house. I don't know why but nine months seems like a big month. Maybe it's because he was in my belly for nine months (well, ten, as Darin keeps reminding me, but definitely nine by the time I knew about it...). Maybe because I started to walk at nine months. Maybe because it's the last one digit month of his little life. I don't know why, but I'm excited for this month. I'm excited that Shae gets to experience the holidays at an older stage of the first year. He'll actually get to EAT Thanksgiving dinner with us opposed to all the little newborn September/October babies. What better way to spend your first holiday season than by eating yummy food and not just drinking milk. We'll just have to plan all of our future children with this in mind...I'm getting off track...
Here's the stats:
Weight: 21 lbs. 15 oz. (84%ile)
Height: 28.5" (56%ile)
Head Circumference: 18" (68%ile)

Waiting so patiently for the doctor to come in after they stuck his toe.
And all the other stuff:
~Figured out how to drink out of a bottle and sippy cup, a little bit anyways. However, he much prefers our help to drink out of the "adult" water bottles.

~Finally taught himself how to crawl on all fours rather than just the army crawl. It makes us laugh seeing him do it because he is so much slower than he is army crawling. Sometimes he'll start on his knees and then just drop down to his belly to get to the desired location faster.

~Recognizes his name.

~Says "Mamamamama." Although it definitely doesn't mean "Ma-ma." If anything it means: FOOD.

~Favorite toys are currently: paper, folders, remote controls, cell phones and stuffed animals. Just in the past week or two he has really gotten excited about his little stuffed animals and it is adorable. He holds them and talks to them and gives them kisses (well, I like to say they are kissing, really it looks like he's eating their face).

~Dropped his last night feeding. Wakes up a couple times and usually just needs some help laying back down or finding his pacifier.

~Eats little bits of pretty much anything/everything that we eat and he seems to love it all. When we try to give him cheerios or puffs he tends to get angry, it's as if he was saying, "Really? Cheerios? That's what you're gonna give me when you have Lasagna on your plate? I don't think so."

~Points at things.

~Laughs a lot more.

~Gets really excited when he sees other babies.

~Moves himself down the couch and around chairs pretty easily and will let go and stand for a few seconds longer than last month.

~Has started to enjoy books a lot more. In church he will actually sit still for a few minutes if he has a book in front of him.

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