Thursday, March 21, 2013


Back in the day, when Darin and I were engaged, we took a World Religions class together. Besides getting to see Darin at 8am on school days, competing to see who could get the best quiz scores and watching our teacher teach from on top of the piano in the room... I learned a few things. One of those things has become one of the Darin and Brillante Self Family Motto's. It continues to be so.


"Wu -wei Darin, wu-wei." 
"Brillante, Wu-wei. Just, wu-wei."

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the concept of wu-wei, shame on you. It is a Taoist concept that means non-doing or non-action, basically, it means to let life take its course. Don't try and change the natural way that things are to happen. Don't fight it. 

I've been reminded by my dear sweet husband of our family motto many times over the past month. For example, at night when I have trouble falling asleep because I know that the baby will start crying in two hours, three hours, four hours...sometimes I feel like trying to fall asleep is pointless because I have to wake up again so soon (obviously not true, just roll with me). Darin turns to me and gives me the Wu-Wei speech. Relax. Just let life take it's course. Don't fight it. 

To me, the below pictures explain Wu-Wei in all it's glory. When it's between 4-7am and the baby does NOT want to go back to sleep in the crib, Wu-Wei. Just, Wu-Wei. Do what works. Don't get frustrated because you would rather be sleeping in your bed. Don't get frustrated because the couch is short. Just let life be. Don't fight it. Do what works.

 photo DSC01203_zps82967a3c.jpg  photo DSC01219_zpsfb7b0ac5.jpg

Is it just me or does Shae's cutey patutuey "i'm in paradise" baby face look like it is saying "ha ha ha...i win again." That you do my son. That you do. (He's the boss. That's just how it is. Accept it).

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