Thursday, August 10, 2017

All the July Small Things

The kids have been SUPER in to blocks lately. Constantly building stuff, which is great except it also causes A LOT of melt downs and yelling and crying. Belén knocking the towers/houses over and Shae not sharing blocks with her, etc. etc. etc.
 Date night hike at Buttermilk Falls.
 Then off to watch the sunset at the Thursday night Farmer's Market. We were so sad that the fried platanos were sold out by the time we got there :(. 
 I think I'll keep him.
 Such a beautiful place.
 On our way home we had to pull over at the slope on Cornell to watch a bit more of the sunset. It was just so beautiful. 
 Picking up the kids from their partial sleepover after our date. Too cute.
 Finally going through all my high school stuff that has been up in my parents attic for so long. Time to get rid of these babies. What do people do with trophies? I kept one, but had to part with the rest.
 Water fights with kuhn-ta.

Happy Birthday Grandma! Tried out my first ever Boston Cream Pie. It was okay, not great, but okay. 

 We tried to squeeze in as many fun activities as we could with the Halls before they took off. We had never swam at Treman before so they showed us how it's done. The water was FREEZING so we didn't end up staying too long, but it was so so gorgeous there!

 Sometimes she comes up to me and says things like, "Hair. Me. Picture." Then she does her sweet quirky squinty eye smile and of course I have to take that requested picture.
Fun with playdough.
 Wonder Woman pose.
All the jewelry.
 Just hanging at the park with some buddies.
 Naps are getting increasingly more difficult for this one, but I just can't give them up yet. I definitely need them more than she does... One especially difficult day I ended up just rocking her in the rocking chair and when she fell asleep I put her in Shae's bed since it seemed less likely to wake her than lifting her into the crib. She looked so big to me in the toddler bed.
In other news...have I already mentioned that she figured out how to climb out of the crib?! Easily one of my least favorite transitions to date. Goodbye perfect routine, I hope to find you again someday.

 You know he's sick when he falls asleep on the couch on his own. Poor kid has been sick and really tired a few times the past few months. He has also been extra hungry and cranky the past few weeks. Growth spurt? He definitely looks taller to me lately.

 Love our Friday story times so much.
 Blueberry picking. The blueberries were only $1.50/lb!!!

July was a SUPER rainy month. And not just any rain, hard rain with thunder and lightning. It was pretty cool actually, except it made it hard to get out and play, so we had to get creative and come up with some fun inside family activities. Our tea party was one for the books.

Belén’s face just lit up when I suggested we dress up for the party. She immediately started stripping her clothes off and going around telling everyone they needed to "dess up now!" Shae was really excited about doing the tea party in a fort, and pretending super heroes were there too.
There's that quirky smile again, haha. That girl. 
 We ate oreos and drank milk while talking about our favorite pastimes and places to visit, etc. Belén’s favorite pastime was: Toys. That is all.
 Sir Turner of the Northwoods.
 Lady Amelia
 Sir...super long name that I can't remember. We just called him Sir Oobey Doobey for short.
 Lady Guinevere 

The End.

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