Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lake House Activity

Last weekend our branch had an activity at our High Councilman's house. He lives in a beautiful house right next to the bottom of Seneca Lake. The view of the lake from their living room window was just stunning and then the stairs leading right down to the water...just so beautiful. 

It didn't take us long to hop on the boat and go out for a little cruise. Shae loved it. Belén got through it.

 Some of our friends taking off after us.

 Shae has become so brave with water. He just jumped right in this lake water off the deck with no fears in the world. My mama heart felt that itty bitty bit of fear for him when I watched him jump in though--what if his floatie fails and he drowns!? I mean, I was right there in the water when he jumped in, but you know me, always fearing the worst in life.

 This is her, "I want to get in the water but my parents won't let me get in without a floatie on and I don't want to wear a floatie" face. Life is hard as a 2 year old.
 Our friends watched the kids for a little bit so that Darin and I could go out on the tube together. It was so fun, and we never flew off! I think Brother Snedekor took it easy on us--although my arms were pretty sore from holding on so tight afterward. Should not have gone out so soon after eating lunch though...not my smartest move. Is it possible to have a blast and feel like you are going to be sick at the same time? 

After we got back Shae and I went out. It was so fun to be out there with him! He was smiling and giggling and at one point yelled out over the waves, "I love you mom!" It was pretty sweet.
 After 2 hours of yelling, "No! No Mickey!" (the Mickey floatie that is), I was shocked when she finally let us put it on her and lower her into the water. She is so timid in the water, but it was nice to swim around with her and watch her face change from smiles to terror within seconds (if you let go of her for a second--even with the floatie--she freaks).
The boys going out for one last trip around the lake before we took off.

Already can't wait to do this activity again next year!

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  1. Miss you all! Love that you all have had a great summer thus far. Hope all is well.