Thursday, July 27, 2017

Splash Pad--Seneca Lake Style

We took a little journey up to Seneca Lake State Park a couple Saturday's ago with the Halls (minus Evan who was studying his life away in prep to take the bar). 

We were hoping that along with playing on the amazing playground and splash pad that we could swim in the lake as well, but it was a no go. I mean, we could have, but the water was just so gross. It was extremely full of seaweed and smelled like dead fish. It was pretty disappointing. The kids didn't mind as they could have played at the splash pad and playground ALL day long.
 These two kids are just the biggest frenemies. So happy and cheerful, imagining together one second and then marching off in separate directions saying, "I need alone time" the next. I sure will miss watching this sweet friendship unfold.

 That first rule though. 
 It was so fun to spend the entire day with these sweet friends of ours. We sure did make an effort to hang out as much as possible before they left us (which happened last week. Insert all the sad face emojis in the world). Love these people so much, with an extra special affinity for this one...

 This girl's smile is contagious. She is the cutest. She also started calling me "mommy" last week which I thought was just the sweetest. 

We ended up leaving during the late afternoon and headed over to Sampson State Park where we swam. There was still a good bit of seaweed over there, but it was much more maintained and did not smell like the other area did. It was a really beautiful state park and I just soaked it in and took absolutely no pictures...

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