Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Life Lately Photo Dump

Blogging has not really been a priority the past few months, as one can clearly see from the fact that I rarely post anything these days. There also just hasn't been too much going on to document in a full post. But I finally cleared my phone out which means I have a bagillion random pictures that I want to document, you know, the small things. So here goes. And I haven't done this for MONTHS, so there's a lot...

Dinner date with Megan back in January after taking Anna to the airport in D.C. Loved catching up with this high school bff of mine.
Threw a baby shower for my sweet friend Alivia once everyone got back from winter break. She now has the most adorable 3 month old baby boy.

Just my everyday goal of stepping out of the way and letting these kids be kids. (For the record, I can only step back so far because the sibling fights these days! Man, they are real...real frustrating!)

We got a few body books from the library and Shae just loved them. These are a few of our drawings after learning about different systems of the body.
"I'm just going to lay in the sun and relax for a few minutes" = Daddy jungle gym! (Although I love how Shae laid there with him for a few minutes before jumping all over him too).

Watching Kung Fu Panda in style.

When we are driving home and we see daddy walking home from the bus stop (#perfecttiming). The kids liked the idea of them getting out better than him getting in.
When Shae falls asleep in the car, but his sister doesn't...
...I leave him in the car and bring her in to take a nap and stand in between the two.
Thankfully that has only happened twice.

Eppie's birthday party!

Who knew that putting together a toy kitchen would be so much work?
McDonalds lunch date with daddy when mommy was sick with that awful bug and needed some quiet.

St. Patty's Day storytime.
Snow piles that went on for days.

Last half hour of stake conference entertainment.

and then this.
He has taught her how to come down the stairs at Eppie's house properly.
Making our own bamboo shoots with Chinese characters after reading Day of the Dragon King. The Magic Tree House web-site has some great activities to go along with the books. The overachiever me wanted to do an activity with each book. The real me has done it once. With this book. ha! We have acted out quite a few of the stories and put our own twist on them though, if that counts for anything...
Walked in one day to get Belén out of bed and this is what I found. (She is awake here, just covering her face because of the flash). Apparently I took too long to get her.
Making their own sandwiches during a Joy School lesson about trying new things/independence. 
Another Joy School snack during our Spontaneous Delight lesson.
 Belén after eating all the jelly beans off her cracker, turning to me and yelling "Mo Can-ee!" (More candy).
This was a hit with the Joy Schoolers. A drop or two of soap with water. So fun.
Acting out Caps for Sale. "You monkey's you, give me back my hats!"
We were all so excited to watch the popcorn fly when I took the lid off. It didn't really live up to the hype. 
This vegetable painting activity was a total delight for them and a huge headache for me to clean up. We still have paint on our walls from the splatters. 

Just another day at the thrift store looking for gold.
Opening day! Darin planned another Opening Day party with some of our baseball friends, and then ended up sick in bed, like, REALLY sick. I know because I had just gotten better from it two days earlier. It was an UGLY stomach bug. We all got it and it made for a less than exciting spring break.

Walking out to the living room after quiet time to find this sweet boy asleep is just the most precious thing. Doesn't happen often, but love it when it does.
Running around the raquetball courts at the Y to get out some energy out during those cold winter months.
Baby feeding baby.
One of the first warmish days of spring. We went for a walk and ended up in a creek, wet and muddy.

Local election.
The last Sunday in April we had a linger longer/farewell party for our missionary couple that just went home. We didn't get home until pretty late in the afternoon and decided it would be best to not  put Belén down for a nap so that she would go to bed okay that night. We all curled up on the couch and watched a family movie instead (Kung Fu Panda 3) and within the first 20 minutes we were both out.
I woke up not too long after and enjoyed those sweet cuddles with my busy busy two-year old. Still can't believe she actually fell asleep in my arms.
These two are constantly on each other these days (literally and figuratively), but they can be so darn cute together too. "Look mom! We're swinging AND holding hands." 

Our dishwasher broke, so we got a new one. The maintenance guy was so thoughtful and made sure to bring the box up for the kids as well.
Just the nightly bedtime train taking it's passengers off to dreamland.

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