Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day

I just can't stop looking at that proud smile on Shae's face. So happy to be giving me this picture and poem that he made in Joy School, along with his sweet letter and picture that he made with daddy, his footprint/poem craft from storytime at the library, and his flower picture that he made at church. 

He was smiling SO big when I read this letter and when I got to the line--he stretched out his arms and showed me how much he loves me. And my heart explodes again just thinking about it.
 Our family, plus his friend Ayden, next to our house (with a pool). 
 Our librarian is SO brave (foot painting!). She amazes me each week with the crafts she pulls off with so many wild young kids. 
Belén may not have fully understood what was going on, but she was just as excited to give me her drawing. She also colored a flower picture in church and ran up to me afterwards yelling "Mommy mommy mommy!" holding out her picture to me. Whenever she saw it laying around the living room later in the day, she would grab it and bring it over to me again. I loved her determination in making sure that I knew it was for ME. It was clear that she felt something special about me and the picture and the day.

Listening to her sing "Happy shoo-shoo shoo you" while Shae and daddy sang "Happy Mother's Day to you," was easily one of my favorite parts of the day.

It was such a lovely day. I got to sleep in a wee bit--small apartments make sleeping in rather hard because you just can't mask that kid noise... Darin made a super yummy skillet hash breakfast full of potatoes, peppers, onions, and bacon with a fried egg on top. SO. GOOD.

Darin spoke at church and made everyone cry, including me while wrestling stickers and coloring books and Belén--tears that had nothing to do with me because I was not mentioned in the talk even once, I might add :). 

We ended RS 15 minutes early and had a litter snack and chat for all the ladies. It was more of a "say your final good-byes" sort of thing, rather than a Mother's Day thing, but great nonetheless.

We had a lovely chill afternoon at home. Played some games with Shae, talked to my mama, snuck in a nap (!!! which is mostly amazing just because I actually fell asleep which NEVER happens!!!) took pictures of these crazies while they talked to Darin's mama:

Without meaning to, dinner turned into a very similar dish to our breakfast. Potatoes, peppers, but with steak rather than bacon. It was funny that it turned out that way, and amazing to eat. Then, this dessert was easily one of the best desserts I have ever had. That is a bold statement, but I am not going back on it. It was that good. I'm already dying to make it again.

After the kids were in bed, I snuck off to play some games with friends since Darin was going to be studying all night for an exam he had early in the morning. He has been super stressed this past week with an exam and paper due yesterday and his comp exam in a week (and a talk in church), but he was a rock star yesterday and made sure it was all about me (and even gifted me those pretty pearls around my neck. How did I get so lucky?!). 

Having young kids is hard. It is EXHAUSTING. It is frustrating. Cleaning up the 10th milk spill of the day, wiping everyone's bum...and face...and fingers...and the furniture covered in food or drinks or who knows what. Helping with shoes and socks and coats and then doing it all over again when someone has taken everything back off while helping the other. Making a delicious meal just to hear complaints through the entire meal. Chasing naked bodies through the house in order to get their clothes on. The list goes on and on and on.

While I know I am not the first or only one to experience all of this (clearly), I had an experience the other day that was comforting to me and helped me remember that I am not alone. It connected me to all the past mother's who made ME possible... 

We were getting out of the car when Belén turned and started running into the street where a car was coming our way. I grabbed her before she got too far and literally saved her life. I looked at her and thought just that, "Dude! I just saved your life! ...And you have no idea!" 

My thoughts quickly turned to all the times that my own mother surely "saved my life," both figuratively and literally...but mostly literally! 

I'm so extremely grateful for loving mother's who give so much of themselves for our own well-being and happiness. Who "save us" in ALL the ways--even, and most especially, when we don't realize it or never seem to appreciate it. Who help shape us and mold us and then watch us try and tackle the world on our own. Their influence is always present, whether we realize it or not. We would be lost without mothers.

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