Tuesday, April 25, 2017


We've started doing our "dying Easter egg tradition" the Monday before Easter for Family Home Evening. Before dying the eggs we had a really lovely little lesson about the meaning and story behind Easter. 

We read The Easter Story by Patricia Pingry that we got from the library. It was the perfect picture book for the kids about this topic. We then watched this lovely video about finding peace through Christ. There were a lot of words in it so I read them aloud for the kids. At the end it says: "He is Jesus Christ. King of Kings. Lord of Lords. Prince of Peace." After saying, "Lord of Lords," I got a little emotional and paused and didn't immediately read the next line. When I didn't read it, Shae shouted out, "Mom! What does it say?!" Through tears I read out, "Prince of Peace," and in that moment I felt such a strong connection to and love for Christ. I continued to feel it that entire week leading up to and on Easter as we discussed the Savior and his resurrection.

During one conversation Shae asked, "But why does he live AGAIN?" It was so special to be able to talk to him about what that means to me, and to our family. These kids, man, they sure do know how to bring out all the feels in me on these heartfelt topics that over the years I just haven't thought about or talked about or studied about enough. Thank goodness for their sweet inquisitive minds.

After the lesson we got to the fun part, the part Shae had patiently been waiting for ALL week. This was the first year that I felt like I didn't really have to worry about him drinking the dyed water or cracking all the eggs as he plopped them in the water (2016 and 2015).

 Lucky for us, we had this sweet girl to make sure we still had a few cracked eggs at the end of the night. Let me tell you, putting six cups full of colored water in front of her was terrifying. She's quick and messy. Thankfully, we somehow ended the evening with only one minor spill.
 (Face covered in chocolate from the Chocolate Cadbury Cookies we made the day before).
 Shae wanted to dye the eggs just like we were, which meant doing half an egg one color and the other half a different color. He was so patient, holding the egg in the water (and of course sticking half his hand in while doing so). 
 The Saturday before Easter we did a little egg hunt Primary activity with other members of our branch. Here the kids are playing a "pass the hat" hot potato type game.

These two. I just love them so much. I haven't started crying DAILY yet over the fact that they are moving in three months, but I have definitely cried. When is it too soon for the daily cry to start? 

 Our little spring bunny.

That lip. Always with the lip.

 We don't really do big fancy baskets from the Easter Bunny around here, but are trying to figure out a good tradition for us. This year we did a chocolate bunny for each kid and a new family game (Sleeping Queens), that we are obsessed with. We have played it a few times a day since Easter. It's a game that Darin and I actually enjoy playing too. In fact, I look forward to it (unlike never ending games of Candy Land or Trouble). And it was only 10 bucks! 
 Darin was sweet and let me sleep in a bit on the holiday since I didn't have church meetings. After I woke up, we ate some pancakes and then did our own little family Easter Egg hunt. The eggs were filled with M&Ms and Paw Patrol chocolate that I found at the Target dollar spot, which the kids of course were very excited about.
Before rushing off to church we had to take some obligatory family photos. We were in a hurry so didn't get outside. Of course I said, "Let's take a few now just in case we don't go outside after church, but let's go outside after church!" Of course that didn't happen because after church everyone is hungry and tired and the church clothes come off as soon as we walk inside...so glad we took these awkward hallway apartment pics before leaving :). 

The rest of the afternoon/evening was really lovely, spent with friends and food. What more could one ask for? 
 This sweet girl was the only one left on the tarp after 5 minutes and probably the only one who ate all her food. What a doll. 

At church I wasn't really expecting all the feels of the week to hit me so strong from the start of the meeting, but yowza, all it took was the first hymn. The words were just so beautiful.

That Easter Morn, a grave that burst
Proclaimed to man that "Last and First"
Had ris'n again
And conquered pain.

This morn renews for us that day
When Jesus cast the bonds away,
Took living breath
And conquered death.

Thus we in gratitude recall
And give our love and pledge our all,
Shed grateful tear
And conquer fear.
(Hymn: 198 That Easter Morn)

So thankful for him.

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