Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thanksgiving and our Grateful Tree

I was planning to just stick with the construction paper grateful tree on the wall like we did last year, but then literally THE day that we were going to make the tree, I was watching an episodes of The Chew and they showed this super cute craft idea using sticks. I kept meaning to get a cute bow to tie around the vase and never got around it to it, oh well. I liked this fun alternative because it made for a fun afternoon for me and the kids outside looking for the best sticks for our grateful tree. 

 We're still not so great about actually stopping each day to add to the grateful tree. We have every intention to do so, and then don't, so again our tree was a little sparse this year. 
But just because all the things didn't make it on to the tree, that doesn't mean we have SO much to be grateful for. So many small things, and some pretty big ones too. We are extremely blessed.
 We went down to my parents for Thanksgiving, which is always nice because 1. We love them. 2. They entertain our kids for hours on end. 

We went down on Wednesday and brought a Blackberry Pie and an Apple Pie with us, along with some rolls. We ran our turkey trot in the morning and then watched bits and pieces of the parade while preparing food. Some people worked harder than others (ahem, Shae: "I AM helping mom.")
 One more, I'm just going to eat one more.
 Darin always says that he loves cooking until I actually ask him to does that work?
"Let the Super Hero Thanksgiving begin!!"

Belén’s facial expressions. They are the best.
 So grateful for these two padres who brought me into this world. For their never-ending love and care, not just for me but for my husband and kids now as well. It's true what they say, you really come to appreciate your parents once you become one. I will be forever indebted to them for all that they have sacrificed for me and my siblings and for all of the great lessons in love, kindness, and faith  (and so much more!) that they taught me along the way. Muah! Love you both!
 And then there's this guy. Seriously, how lucky am I? Darin REALLY is my better half. He keeps me sane when I'm feeling like an emotional crazy hot mess. He stays up late listening to me talk in bed about nonsense, even when he is so tired and has a test the next day. He helps me discover the beauty in the details of parenthood, religion, and just plain old life in general. He gets up with the kids and gets them ready for the day EVERY single weekday morning so that I can exercise and start out the day with some me time. I NEED him in my life, mostly because he believes in me WAY more than I have ever believed in myself. What would I do without you love.
 Okay, enough sappy for one post.... 
Food! This plate makes me want Thanksgiving to come back RIGHT. NOW.
 It seems impossible to keep this girl strapped down for dinner for more than two seconds. She may or may not touch anything, and if she does, it's usually to throw it on the floor and start screaming to be free. Then she proceeds to walk around the table begging food off of anyone she can as though she hasn't eaten in years...and it works. I mean, look at that little puppy dog begging tongue. 
 The rest of Thanksgiving day was nice and chill. Lot's of clean up and relaxing. We rented Finding Dory and watched it all together while relaxing and letting our bodies rest from all that hard work pounding food. Clearly Belén was SUPER in to the movie.
Loving this holiday season so much already!

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