Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ice Ice Baby

We didn't make it to the Ice Festival last year, and even though Darin was working on a paper most of the day, we were able to snatch him away from school for a bit to come down and check out the ice with us. It did not disappoint. 
It was so fascinating to watch these ice sculptors at work. I couldn't get over all the different tools they used, from chain saws to blow torches to irons. 

 BelĂ©n doing her little check to see who is looking before sneaking away with that amazing ice ball over there.

 There was a little area with this Connect 4 game and some blocks. Shae took on some girls in an intense game of Connect 4 and they were loving it.
 I couldn't get enough of this ice bar. A bar, made of ice! Is that not the coolest thing! 
 What a fun event. If only we could have found someone selling hot year we''ll have to go earlier so that we can participate in the chowder competition. 

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