Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Clearing My Phone

We've been traveling so much over the past few months with just a week or two in between trips, but we are finally home for good, phew. (Until Thanksgiving and Christmas that is). While it has been so fun to have so many great things to look forward to, I'm looking forward to refiguring out our normal schedule and enjoying beautiful fall in Ithaca. 

I've already posted things from our trips, so here's a nice photo dump of some of the little in between moments.

Reunited at last! It was a long summer of separation for these two.

Spent a morning watching the Circus Culture kids perform with the Millers. Shae LOVED the mime, he thought he was hilarious and couldn't stop talking about him all day.

Shae usually always wakes up before Belén so it is such a surprise when she is the one up first. She went through a week period where she was consistently waking up before him which meant snuggles in bed for us! Not that she snuggles very long, it usually turns in to reading books in bed which I'm okay with too (as long as it is after 7 a.m., preferably 7:30 :) 

We took this picture on Darin's super early day when he sneaks out without us even realizing it as we slumber on. We sent it to him and told him we wished he were snuggling in bed with us too.

Ran in to my Utah mother, Sis. McDonald who was visiting my parents ward the Sunday after we went to Philadelphia. Sweetest lady. It was so great to have a few minutes to catch up.

Had kind of a scary day at the park when Belén fell off of a play structure and twisted her ankle. She couldn't walk on it for the rest of the day and was limping for a few days. We were in the process of renewing our insurance so I was super nervous about it for multiple reasons. She didn't swell or bruise so we waited it out a few days and everything is now fine. 

On the same day, Shae fell off of the top of the ladder at the playground and fell right on his back. He was sore for a few hours and it scared the bajeezees out of me seeing it happen (again, no insurance!), but thankfully he was okay. Needless to say I was excited to leave the park that day and get home and relax on our nonthreatening sofa with some popcorn and a movie.

Saturday morning hike date with this fine fellow at Cascadilla Gorge. GORGEous. It ceases to amaze me how beautiful it is here.

Bubbles at baby story time are the best thing. Shae becomes one of the babes when the bubbles come out.

Shae not wanting to put on his shoes, leave the house, or walk down the stairs. Rough morning. But the purpose of the below picture is that I got a picture of Belén  making one of my favorite faces! It's her surprised, uh-oh, or wow face and I just love it. The garbage man pulled up while I was trying to convince Shae to use his legs and she got so excited.
Checking out the new kid corner at the Science Center. I'm having a hard time coming to this place after going to so many amazing museums over the summer...the kids love it, I guess that's what matters most. Shae was so excited to make this cool ramp and watch the balls go down into the sand box.

Testing out the Halloween costumes I bought after Halloween last fall. They were pretty excited about them. (And I'm so excited that I have finally realized that making super cool, unique, sewing involved costumes is just not my thing. I can just enjoy October carefree this year :).

Top canines coming in means rough wake up calls and mama intervention to make a routine afternoon nap a reality. Is it just me or am I always complaining about teething? Sorry. It just never ends. You get a few glorious weeks without it and then it's right in your face again. Quite literally for this sweet girl.

How is it that this stinky, sweaty picture is the only one that Jenessa (Jess-nessa as Shae calls her) and I have of each other together. Pathetic, we really need to work on that. We started doing BBG workouts together and they are intense and crazy and we sweat and complain at all, but it's great.

Really wish I had a picture from the sweet birthday lunch she took me out to at Mahogany Grill. Such a doll this one. She's a keeper.

Trying to be the cool mom who pulls out the paint may not have been my best idea. The cleanup involved in this activity definitely took longer than the actual activity. She looks so innocent.

And in the end, Shae didn't even want to paint on his picture, just mix different colors together on his paint plate to try and make brown. Whatever floats your boat.

Poli Sci Grad School Fall Bowling Night. Aka: The night that Shae has been looking forward to for an entire year. (Seriously, whenever we pass the bowling alley, "Mom, when will we go bowling again?"
Shae was much more in his element this year, he could mostly handle things by himself with a few reminders here and there to wait for the pins to reset before bowling. Belén was just SO excited and jumped up and down and got so excited about pushing a ball down the ramp. We thought she'd be all over the place, but she actually stayed close to us and didn't get any fingers stuck or drop any balls on toes so we were happy and even got to bowl a little ourselves! 

We are all already looking forward to this activity next year, and the next, and the next.

Darin has the greatest cohort. Although we all couldn't stop talking about how much we wished AshLee was still with us. Come back!
Making cookies for family home evening to bring to the kid's nursery teachers. We had a lesson about service. It was so cute to see Shae knock on doors, hand over the cookies, and say, "Thank you for your service!"
So excited for football season! Love this little dress that Molly gave us. Time to teach another kid the mighty fight song.

That's a wrap.

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  1. Love your post and miss all of you! Happy belated birthday (I think I missed that?)!! Love that you and Jenessa went to Mahogany Grill -- it's a great place -- and jealous that I'm not there with you all.