Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ithaca Falls and Thanksgiving

We took a little mid-day trip last Tuesday to Ithaca Falls. It is not far from campus so we were able to pick Darin up from campus for a quick break to accompany us. 

When we got there, I asked Sharon if I could take a picture of her and Belén. This is what I got:
Now I see where Darin gets his photogenic genes.

Convinced her to turn around and so glad I did because I love this picture and these people!

Cutesy and silly faces with grandma. We are so thankful that grandma got to be with us for Thanksgiving this year!

So thankful for this silly boy and his goofy personality.

Squish the baby face! So thankful this little girl joined our family this year.

So so So so SOOOO thankful for this little family of mine. These guys are my life. I literally wake up to serve them, and I love it. 

We got a tiny 12 lb. turkey this year. Darin did his magic and it came out great.

I tried two new recipes this year. This one and this one. Have I ever mentioned my obsession with Mel's Kitchen Cafe? I am hooked. There is a 99.5% chance that if I am trying a new recipe, it comes from her blog. I really liked the Cranberry Chutney quite a bit. It tasted so festive and added some sweetness to the plate. I would definitely make that one again. 

Shae eats his turkey right off the cutting board. 
 ...and then hides his face so that I can't get a picture of him. 

Our grateful tree didn't go very far this year. Not because we aren't grateful, just because life got in the way I guess. 

Thanksgiving was pretty bittersweet because we had to say goodbye to Ibu (Grandma in Indonesian, Darin is trying so I guess I should too). 

We loved having her here to celebrate the holiday season with us. So so so grateful for family.

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