Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Traditions

I always have such high hopes of watching all the Christmas movies in the world during the month of December, then Christmas comes and I realize I haven't actually watched any, or maybe like, one. So this year we started a pizza/Christmas movie tradition in order to ensure that we watch at least one Christmas movie a week. Each Friday in December we prepared a little pizza picnic in our living room and enjoyed a movie together.

The first Friday we watched The Grinch and had Hawaiian Pizza. Shae was a bit confused when I told him to do the peace sign for the picture.

We also watched Horton Hears a Who since it was on the DVD...super weird...

The second Friday we watched Polar Express with pepporoni and sauteed red pepper/onions pizza.

Shae did better with the peace sign this time around. 

Excuse my cut up fingers from the peppers. (Our knives are sharp). He LOVED The Polar Express. He sat with his pizza in his hand with his eyes glued to the TV for more than half the show before we forced him to put some of the pizza in his mouth. It was great.

The third Friday we were in Williamsburg with friends. We ate pizza, but didn't watch a movie (we had already watched A Charlie Brown Christmas that week so it was okay :). Then this week, Christmas was on Friday, so no pizza and no movie. We did just watch Arthur Christmas today, which was AWESOME. Super fun and clever and great. Watch it if you can. So in the end we only actually did our "tradition" the first two weeks, but it was okay since we were doing other fun famly things the other two Fridays.

We decorated cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Mom made a star tree.

Shae's creation. That he immediately ate after finishing it.

While down in Williamsburg this past week, we made sure to stop at Yankee Candle to see Santa since I didn't get a picture of Belén with the big guy previously.

"I want a doctor kit and presents please."

December was just SO fun this year with Shae's excitement radiating throughout our little apartment. We kept things pretty simple in the "tradition" department, but it was really fun to start some and I can't wait to continue them and add more next year.

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