Thursday, December 10, 2015

For We Need a Little Christmas

We wanted to put up our Christmas stuff while ibu...grandma...ibu was in town. She left early in the morning the day after Thanksgiving, so much to Darin's chagrin, we put up the Christmas stuff the night before Thanksgiving. 

 Belén was mesmerized by the lights.

I am just LOVING the Christmas season right now. I love that Shae can help decorate the tree and how he talks about snow and Santa and "pesants" and baby jesus and how he asked to listen to Christmas music in the car today.

Darin's childhood Humpty Dumpty ornament was by far Shae's favorite.

We went to the massive mall in Syracuse on one of the days that Darin was off during Thanksgiving break. Santa was there and wasn't busy at all so we took advantage of it. I talked Shae through what he should do and mentioned that he should ask Santa for something for Christmas. I reminded him how much he liked playing doctor and should ask for a doctor kit (since that is what I bought him). He did just that. Two days later, he happens to see the doctor kit in my closet (go me) and shouts, "Mom! Santa DID bring me a doctor kit!" hahaha...welllll....yes. He sure did. He reminds us daily about that doctor kit up in the closet and keeps saying he wants snow so that it will be Christmas.

And I win Best Mom of the Year award for not getting a picture of Belén with Santa. I was just so excited about Shae being so excited about Santa that I totally forgot about her. #secondchildproblems
I was pretty mad at myself the rest of the day for not taking the opportunity to get a picture while there was NO one there.  I also just get so anxious taking my own pictures when we visit Santa when clearly they want us to buy theirs, and my grandpa is a Santa which makes me feel extra it's not just #secondchildproblems, also #momischeap and #ignoresnocellphonepictures signs. 

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