Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quick Trip

About a week and a half ago we took a quick two day trip down to PA to see Anna one last time before she left for school. Really I don't have a lot to write about our trip, just wanted to record the pictures and that it happened :).

We tried to go to two different pools, both of which were closed since school had started that week. Shae wasn't heartbroken thanks to the sprinkler that we pulled out for him back at the house.

Braving the super cold water.

We called up Scott while we were home so that Anna could "meet" Rylan and so that he and Shae could not talk to each other. He's such a cute kid. It was fun to see him run around and hear his little animal noises...and his super adorable little voice! Anna and I couldn't get enough of his cute voice.

We're so excited for Anna to start this next chapter of her life. Good luck girl!

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