Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ithaca Farmer's Market

Besides all of the hikes and trails, everyone we talk to tell us that we have to check out the Farmer's Market. That is just what we did for our Saturday exploration last week. 

It is in a really nice location, running right next to the lake. Next time we go, we'll try to get there earlier in the morning (and bring the baby pack rather than the massive double stroller). It was insanely busy.

We got some delicious Cuban food for lunch. The chicken was fall-off-the bone amazing. The fried plantains were also pretty killer.

My model of a husband.

I was impressed with the venue. I imagined little white removable tents like the Williamsburg Farmers Market. This was legit.
 Right by the lake.

Parking was crazzzzy. Pretty happening place.

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