Sunday, September 20, 2015

Flat Rock

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at a Chilean Independence Day party that we got invited to last minute. Darin tried his first "real" empanadas (aka: ones that I did not make). We ate mil hojas (a thousand layer) cake (my favorite chilean cake) and churipan (grilled chorizo in bread. I never ate this in Chile but ate it just about every other day in Argentina). Talked about Chile, thought about Chile, wished I was in Chile. It was great and so sweet of our friend of a friend to invite us last minute even though we had never met. Since I got 0 pictures of that event, I'll share some pics from last Saturday at Flat Rock. 

The weather wasn't really ideal for a "play in the water" day, but we really only get one day a week to do fun things with daddy and we wanted to get here before the fall weather really sets in, so we ignored the clouds, the breeze, and the rain and went anyways. The water was initially pretty cold, but we got used to it quickly. I already can't wait to come back to this place next summer (or maybe next week if we still have any warm days left and I'm brave enough to do it without Darin to help with the kids). 

Flat Rock is basically exactly what it sounds like, a bunch of flat rock...with a couple inches of water covering it, and shallow pools of water in between the rocks. Shae was content to walk on the rocks and find little rocks and throw them in to the little pools of water. He loved it.

You can't tell from the picture how deep the water is, but we walked across this whole thing easily. The water really only came up to my shin in a few places. Perfect for kids to play. 

It did start to rain while we were there so Darin booked it to a tree to protect the bebe.

While Shae and I continued to explore.

You can see better in this picture that the water is all pretty shallow.

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