Thursday, July 23, 2015

Growing Up

These kiddos of mine just seem so big to me lately!

A few days ago, this happened. I put the babe on her mat, vertical, feet towards the piano. A few minutes later I walked out of the kitchen and found her here:

Then she rolled a few more times...

...and ended up here:

She's on the move. And that, is crazy. She was just born!

Yesterday I took the kidlets for a walk. Darin had the car and I forgot to grab Belén's car seat before he left. She doesn't sit up by herself yet, but I just leaned the stroller seat back and strapped her in tight. Worked perfectly. She looked so old to me sitting this way!

This crazy just seems so much bigger everyday. The way he talks and plays and doesn't fit into his church shoes anymore. Yesterday he kept saying to me, "Hang on mom. Hang on. I eat my sandwich." I guess he hears that phrase often.

He's been really into making "bubble helmets" in the bath tub recently.

And as if bubble helmets didn't make him seem old enough, he went to his first dentist appointment this week! Seriously guys, I couldn't get over how big he looked in that dentist chair!

He did not like when she put the chair back. He flipped out for a minute so she put it back up a bit. He also flipped when she put the napkin thingy around his neck. I told her I didn't care if his shirt got wet. Other than that, he wasn't really scared of anything. The hygienist did a great job explaining the different tools to him. I thought he might be scared of the toothbrush, but he loved it! Er, he loved the toothpaste... He also loved when she squired the water into his mouth. By the end she was just squirting it in his mouth and he was gulping down the water for a little after appointment refreshment. 

Belén chilled on the floor making toothless raspberry sounds the entire visit.

We're also finally figuring out haircuts around here! Shae still hates it, but sits semi-still now.

Anywhere we go, someone always says, "Enjoy it now! They grow up so fast!" I know my kiddos are still super tiny, but I can already feel that that saying is true. They really do grow up so fast! Can't imagine how I'll feel when they are 8 and 6, or 15 and 13, or 20 and 18!!!

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