Saturday, July 11, 2015

4th of July

The Fourth of July was a fun weekend, a 3 day weekend! Which always means it will be a good weekend. I still had some work from home and a Spanish tutoring session, but Darin was home and got to play stay-at-home dad which was nice for all of us. Once I was done with everything we hit the beach. We've loved having Jamestown beach right down the street from us. The weather was great (as in I wasn't dripping sweat the second I got out of the car), as was the water. Shae could have stayed there all day.

The girly and I got our legs wet, but mostly watched from the sidelines. 

We saw a massive heron fishing for it's dinner right before we left. Which reminded us how hungry we were, so we went and got some all american Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches and fries for dinner.

Saturday, the fourth, was rainy (what's new. It's been raining for weeks). We kept our fingers crossed that the fireworks wouldn't get cancelled because we had a two year old who couldn't stop talking about seeing fireworks.  (We may have told him a little too early in the day--right when he woke up--that we were watching fireworks that night. He didn't seem to grasp the whole 16 hour wait to see them).  We had a fun cook out with the Trichlers and Lukes. I made this Roasted Potato Salad and it has now become my new favorite potato salad, plus I've just been obsessed with roasted potato wedges in general lately...and this food blog. Love it. Tangent. We made our way over to Colonial Williamsburg in hopes of listening to the Fifes & Drums performance before the fireworks. On the way there we ran into a torrential downpour so we just drove around waiting for it to stop. Poor Shae was so confused. The rain settled around 9 p.m. We got out and Shae was pumped again to see the fireworks, however, due to the rain they delayed them quite a bit. By the time the first one went off, he was done with life. 

He "watched" the rest of the fireworks like this:

We kept trying to lift the stroller cover so that he could at least see them but he would just get mad, so yeah. That was exciting. So we just enjoyed them with the girl instead, whose face pretty much looked like this through out the entire thing:

We were worried that Shae was going to be sad the next day that he missed the fireworks.  We had nothing to worry about. The next day he went around saying, "Fireworks! Fun! Orange! Blue! Red! Green! Yellow! Boom!" So yes, moral of this story, toddlers are strange creatures.

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