Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2 Months

Weight: 14 lbs. (99.5th %ile)
Height: 25.5 inches (100th %ile)
(Shae was not 25 inches long until he was 5 months!)

Some things about Belén at 2 months:

~She has had a massive case of the Cradle Cap all month. Her head is a mess of flaky goodness.

~The first half of the month she had a fussy time at night and wouldn't usually go down for good until midnight, but then we could NOT get her to wake up in the morning. Here's proof:

Unswaddling, laying her in our bed, or even the floor...nothing worked. Any other time of the day doing these things would wake her up within seconds.

~The second half of the month, she has gotten much better at going down for good before midnight, usually around 10. She will then usually wake up around 3 or 4 to be fed and then again at 6ish. At that point we usually just keep her in bed with us to try and catch a little more sleep if she'll let us. The last few nights she has slept from around 10/11ish p.m. to 5:30 a.m.! Really trying to enjoy that as long as I can, because I have no doubt that soon enough she will remember that she is a baby and that babies thrive on the excitement of the night life.

~She quite possibly has red hair. The cradle cap makes it look really red. As the cradle cap goes away I think it looks more brown and that she just has a reddish head. I guess only time will tell.

~She got her first shots.  And this is when she started sleeping so wonderfuly at night. The doctor said they might make her drowsy, and they sure did.

I know people always say about their kids, "They just love each other so much." But seriously, there is something about siblings that starts when they are young. You can just see it on Belén's face when Shae comes over to her and goo-goo talks into her face. She loves him.

He was eating a cracker while explaining the animals that he sees in the ceiling. 

Whenever she is laying...anywhere...he has to be right next to her.
~My favorite thing this month: SMILING!!!  I absolutely cannot get enough of her goofy little grins. The big ones, the little ones, the crazy double-chin ones, the "i don't know what to do with my eyes ones."  I love them all.

~She coos. Love this just about as much as I love the smiles. 

~Caught her first little cold. (Thank you Shae for coughing into her face multiple times a day) It sucks. I hate hearing her little nose so stuffy and hearing her cough kind of breaks my heart.

~The girl is putting on some weight. Oh the rolls, we love baby rolls.

~The other day, Belén was like, "Hey mom, I'm in my second month of life and we still haven't taken a selfie." Check.

Then she was like, "Now I need one with you and Dad." We made sure to take one on our date to the a capella concert on campus last week.

Then she was like, "Now I need one with you and Shae." So we did that too. Aren't my kids just SO photogenic? At least they were both looking at the camera, right? That probably won't happen again for another 15 years.

Happy Two Months!

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  1. Oh my goodness those smiles!!!!! she is too cute. Congrats :)