Tuesday, June 12, 2012

!Santo Jorge! -- Anniversary #1 (Part I)

Saturday was our one year anniversary. One year! Can you believe it!? It felt like it took 20 bigilion years just to get to the actual wedding, but this first year has flown by. It's been a great year and surprisingly enough, living with Darin has only made me fall more in love with him :).

To celebrate the special day (and sweat our guts out the way we did last June 9th), we decided to go down South for the weekend. It was glorious. We left Friday morning and got down to St. George a little after 12pm. We couldn't check in to the hotel until 2pm, so we made our way right over to the temple where we enjoyed an endowment session. What a beautiful temple!

After the temple our plans for the rest of day went like this: RELAX.

One of my pet peeves is going on vacation and not really getting a vacation.  Since our Saturday was going to be jam packed with hikes at Zion National Park I made sure that we got the relaxing part of the vacation on Friday afternoon.

After checking out the visitor center we went straight to the hotel and checked in (thank you Expedia for helping us find cheap and not completely run down hotels. And thank you customer reviews for helping us avoid the hotels with blood on the ceiling and bullet holes in the doors. We decided that we didn't need to go that cheap). Took a little nap, watched some TV and then hit the pool. My darling Idaho boy was a bit surprised when I told him I wanted to go out and read by the pool and just relax outside. Apparently that's something that he has never done before (I know! Crazy right?). But whatda you know, he liked it. There will be much more of this in our future.

After reading and swimming and reading some more, we showered up and went out for a yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Uuummm... YUM. Argentina has turned me into a meat girl. I tell you what, I love me a good steak.

After dinner we were driving around down here:

When we saw this little diddy up on the mountain:

So we went up and explored. It was really cool. There were all kinds of rocks and little cliffs that we could climb around. We ended up just sitting right above DIXIE and talking while the sun set over St. George. Really pretty.

Get ready for hiking pictures later this week!!


  1. Ah! Reading my favorite book! And I love the dress you wore to the temple. Oh, and I have also become a carnivore, and I didn't even live in Argentina

  2. Cute! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  3. Glad to see you got him to "just relax". We were not allowed to do that. We had to do "something productive". Good move young lady, good move. Aub.