Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9th

One year ago today, this happened:

Instead of boring you with lovey dovey details from our wedding, or even from our first year of marriage, I decided I'd prefer to share a few of those little things that I've picked up from Darin and some things that he's picked up from me this glorious first year of mawage. We've been talking quite a bit the last few weeks about the random things that we pick up from each other, and the funny little things that begin to define both of you, not just one of you.

Things that I have picked up from Darin over the past year:
1. Ice - I now drink ice in my beverages, even my water. I still don't love how the chunks of ice hit me in the face while trying to drink, but ice cold water sure if refreshing!
2. Loofa - Darin is not the first to try and get me to use a loofa when I shower, but he's the first one that has finally convinced me to use one. Not bad.
3. Nightly News - Growing up my parents always watched the Nightly News and I never paid attention. Now I love watching and learning about what is going on in the world. If we're both home at 5:30pm we get really excited to watch the news together. Weird, I know. (Still working on NPR. He was a little disappointed that I didn't automatically turn it on this morning when we left for our weekend get away and instead put in the Hairspray soundtrack. Oops.)
4. Good movies/staying awake during movies - I have finally started staying awake through movies! And let me just tell you, there are some GOOD movies out there. Thanks to my husband for introducing them to me (Gladiator, the Bourne trilogy, X-men, etc.). (We'll just ignore the fact that it took us 3 days to finish Iron Man last week. Give me a break okay? I'm not perfect yet).
5. Homemade Popcorn - Heaven. I've eaten more popcorn this last year than I think I have in my entire life. Homemade popcorn is SO good.
6. Bacon - I've always been more of a sausage girl, but I'm slowly converting.
7. Potatoes - Similar as the last one, I've always been more of a rice girl, but can't live with an Idaho boy and not fall in love with potatoes. 

Things that Darin has picked up from me over the past year:
(Just for the record, Darin told me these things, I promise I didn't make them up)
1. Softball/Orioles baseball - It's been so fun to hear Darin so excited about O's baseball, and to hear him want to go to the cages and play catch. Fabulous. (Of course if it were Braves vs. O's he would be tomahawking it all the way).
2. Les Miserable - Dar listens to Les Mis all the time and has become a huge fan :).
3. Exercise - I remember begging him to go running with me while we were dating and him telling me that I was going to have to accept not going running with my husband. Now he's the one begging me to run with him :).
4. Weird night time rituals - Poor guy, he can't go to sleep anymore without the sheets being a certain way or without water by the bedside. I like to think that he wouldn't be able to sleep without the fan on either (not so sure if this one is true, but a girl can dream).
5.  Better social skills - Basically I push Darin to be friendly, converse more, ask people about themselves, talk to strangers, etc. etc. All things that make him feel very uncomfortable Poor boy. But he really is more social now, sort of...
6. Exploring - Hiking, swimming, driving around not knowing where you are going to end up. Spontaneous things outside.
7. Rice - He would probably still choose potatoes over rice, but he's started to do more than just tolerate it  and even decides to make it on his own without me asking.

Things we've picked up toether:
1. Graham Canyon Ice Cream
2. Scrabble
3. Watching TV shows on the computer together 
4. Chopped 
5. Homemade smoothies
6. Night time runs
7. Saturday sleep-ins/waking up to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and breakfast in bed :).

So fun to think about the ways in which our lives have meshed together in the past year, and also the ways that we have created new traditions and memories together. 

I love this boy. It's been a perfect year. Love you Darin!


  1. Casey and I watch Chopped too! Congratulations on your first of many wonderful years together!

  2. It's been a year already?! I still maintain that you had the best wedding I've ever been to. I'm quite jealous and now wish that I could redo mine, maybe one day.
    Congrats on one year together. Sounds like you guys had a pretty great year and that you both did a good job of meshing your lives together. Just wait til you've been married for seven years and you realize that you basically say the same things and even have the same random song stuck in your head. It's pretty great, you know in that cheesy, mushy I love being married kind of way.
    One year down, an eternity left to go....

  3. I LOVE YOU! This is an awesome post and I LOVE YOU!