Friday, August 30, 2013

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is By Singing Loud For All To Hear.

I've decided that this town is obsessed with two things: Pancake/Waffle Houses and Christmas.


No joke.

On the way to the amazing outlets this morning I counted how many pancake/waffle houses I saw. Six. Six! And that didn't even include the Ihop I passed, because really, who's gonna eat at Ihop when you have the Astronomical Pancake House down the street? This is all within a two mile radius mind you (We've passed quite a few more in other parts of town). Extraordinary. 
And these places are legit. Well, I wouldn't really know from experience because the one time we did try to go to one was in the evening for dinner. I know right, dinner? What were we thinking!? Of course they were all closed. They close right after lunch hours. A true blue breakfast house. Well really, six of them. Take your pick. I have a feeling that Saturday brunch could quite possibly become a new family tradition here soon.

Along with Pancake Houses, I've seen quite a few Christmas shops around town as well. Christmas shops that are always open--year round. I can't even imagine what it would be like to work in one of those places, it would definitely take some of the excitement out of the Christmas season when it actually did come.

I strolled into one of the Christmas shops when we first moved here. It was cute. Mostly just ornaments and Santas. Then I was introduced to Yankee Candle Village. That place is life changing. 

Shae and I went with some of the ladies from church last week and it was mind blowing. I thought it was a factory where we watched candles being made. Boy was I wrong. It is the cutest little village of shops. I loved it so much that I dragged Darin there with me this week so that he could join in the early Christmas cheer. Walking into this place felt like walking into the movie Elf. Christmas year round baby!
Well, now you know. Only 118 days left till Christmas. (Really only 117 since this was taken yesterday).

Also right below the clock, the brick opens up and there is a five minute puppet show every half an hour. 
(I think I was a little more excited about the puppet show than Shae was).
Santa is there year round as well. He said he was on "vacation," hence the shirt, but he sang Jingle Bells and read Christmas stories to the kids. In the above picture he is showing the kids the part of the store that drops snow every four minutes. So cool!

 Cutest little Christmas shops ever. On top of that, there's a really fun toy shop, general store, candy shop and other unique shops (hello Christmas shopping!). And of course, the biggest shop was the candle shop, filled with walls and walls full of uniquely scented candles. 
I think I've found my favorite hang out place while daddy is at work. Heck yes.

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  1. Obviously, you need to take me to this place the next time I'm down there.