Saturday, September 17, 2016

One Last Family Visit to Finish off the Summer

After Philly we spent Sunday and part of Monday with my parents for Labor Day weekend. It was fun to watch Belén with River. They loved each other. Belén's little squeals of joy whenever she saw the dog!! I couldn't get enough of them together.

 We may or may not have snagged a big bag of these tomatoes to take home with us. There were SO many!

 Grandma is so brave. Painting with the kidlets.

 We left Monday afternoon to get daddy back for school the next day. Me and the kids turned right back around and went back on Wednesday so that we could see my brother Scott and his family who were visiting from Texas. It was kind of a bummer that they couldn't have come a few days earlier so that Darin could have been with us too, but glad it worked out so well anyways. 

The kids loved each other. Rylan is such a sweetheart. It was so nice to get to know them all (since we hadn't seen them in 2 years, and that was only for a few hours, and right after we had totaled our car, so yeah, lots of things filling our heads that day).

We tried to get a fire going on Wednesday afternoon so that we could make some s'mores, but it started to rain about 10 minutes after we got things going.
  Belen's excitement with her little hands on her knees in the corner of this picture, she kills me. (Also, these boots that grandma got her are what started her boot obsession. She had to be wearing them at all times).

 Since the fire didn't work out, the boys tried to break some geodes that grandma got them while Belen played in the rain.

 The boys watching Paw Patrol while we play some grown-up games. They were just so cute squeezed in this little chair together!
After Labor Day everything shuts down during the week which put a damper on our plans of going to Lake Tobias (which is actually more of a zoo, not a lake at all). Then we thought that going to Colonel Denning State Park would be fun because they have a great beach, but they were also closed. So we went out of our way a little bit, but found this other state park in Lewisbury that ended up being a perfect third option.

 My dads usual way of entering the water. He goes all in from the start.

 He's just the best grandpa in all the land. He knows how to make them laugh like no other.

 There wasn't sand leading up to the water, but they did have this sand pit. Thank goodness, because the kids really love the sand more than the water when it comes to the beach.
 What a photogenic kid! 

These silly kids found a bunch of hats up in Ammon's room and were running around the house in them. I loved watching Belen running around behind these two, always trying to keep up with whatever they were doing.

She refused to take hers off for dinner and I was too cute to say no to.
"Who can smile bigger?" Well, now I know my secret weapon to get Shae to smile at the camera. (Although with my luck it was just a one time thing).
After getting home from the lake we tried out the fire/smores plan again and this time succeeded. Mmmmmm...s'mores have a special summery place in my belly.

 So glad that these guys could come out to visit! We had such a blast! Can't wait till we get to do it again.

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