Friday, September 2, 2016

My 29th

For my 29th birthday we ate good food. And lots of it. Darin knows that food is my #2 love language (after words of affirmation). The day was pretty chill (well, for me, Darin was literally in the kitchen for half the day). We had just gotten home from our trip a day earlier so nothing sounded better than relaxing in our house, out of the car, unpacking, and eating food. 

I'm no food blogger, but had to document the amazingness of this wonderful food.

After letting me sleep in until 10 and then go for a nice run without the kids, I came back to this wonderful brunch of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon (from the piggery! Our local meat shop), and sourdough bread from Ithaca Bakery. Mmmmmmmmm.
 For dinner he grilled up some steak and peppers. You can never go wrong with those two things on the menu.
 He also made some delicious parmesan-garlic roasted potatoes and a salad to go on the side.
 Then there was the Decadent Chocolate Cheesecake. Was it ever decadent. He definitely stepped up his cheesecake game this year.
 Shae trying to convince me that his piece of cake needed a candle too.

 But then he wasn't too happy that I licked his candle...oops. I opened the present that daddy and Shae got me (super cute shirt) and we looked at maps together for my other bday present. 

Family birthday selfie after watching The Good Dinosaur together. I sure do love these guys to pieces. They made me feel 

Here's to the last year of a pretty stinkin' fabulous decade.

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