Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How It Started

So, that one time we flew to Salt Lake City so that we could spend Christmas with Darin's family in Idaho...totally worth the money spent. I am SO glad that we decided to do this vacation. Sometimes spending crazy money on flights is absolutely worth it for the memories made (and when I say sometimes, I probably mean always.  Too bad we can't do it more often).

Besides stupidly forgetting to bring anything with Shae's birth date on it and almost not being allowed to bring him with us...and almost leaving our diaper bag at security...we got on our flight and were off to Utah without too much hassle. Flying with 22 month old Shae was way better than flying with 14 month old Shae. He was much more easily entertained by crayons, stickers, cars, movies, etc. than he was back then. He also loved playing with the window...up and down, light and dark...probably drove the guy in our row crazy, but then he wasn't the one with a toddler on his lap so I didn't feel too bad.

What did our parents do with us on long flights before electronics? 

 We hung out in Utah for a couple days before going up to Poky. Got to see these lovely ladies for...not enough time...but it was SO great to see them. I miss them so much!

 We ate lunch at Red Iguana and then walked around Temple Square for a bit.

Shae and Cohen were pretty excited about the big "Je-us."

We got to see some of Darin's awesome buddies that same evening. We feel so blessed to have so many amazing friends out west that still want to see us even after we deserted them. 

Friday morning we made the drive up to Idaho. We somehow ended up at In-N-Out Burger, because let's be honest, it wouldn't be a trip to Utah without a little In-N-Out (it's grown on me). We immediately went to Grandma Sharon's classroom when we arrived. She lit up with excitement as soon as she saw him. Can I just say how much I LOVED watching Shae interact with "Ga-ma" and Aunt "Mee-a." It was priceless. He sure does love those ladies.  

We spent the weekend in Pocatello, where Shae was cuddled and loved to sleep each night by his sweet grandma. We did some Christmasy things, like drive around and look at lights...and some not so Christmasy things like watch Persuasion. 

I really love seeing how excited Darin gets to be back in Pocatello. He loves it there. It's home. Someone else also made himself right at home with little complaint...

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  1. I miss that Shae guy so much. I loved cuddling with him. I loved his laugh. I love how he says "quarters". I love Shae. (Also, I love his dad and mom.)