Friday, January 9, 2015


Christmas Eve day was appropriately spent out in the snow at Bogus Basin Ski Resort. Sharon, Derek, Claire, and Kyler skied.  The rest of us just played in the snow. It was a blast being up there with everyone. 

Shae quickly caught on to the throwing snowballs thing and was content to do that the entire day. 

Darin had some great bonding time with baby Wyatt while hanging out in the resort.

These two hit it off pretty quickly.

After warming up inside, we made our way out one last time. We watched grandma kick butt in her ski lesson. She did such a good job braving the snow. We were all so proud of her.

Poor Claire being smashed by Shae... she was a trooper.

We made our way back down the slippery mountain and found that it was actually snowing in Caldwell as well. We hadn't expected to have a white Christmas at that point, but we did! It was just a light dusting, but it was white nonetheless. There's just something about snow and family that makes Christmas magical.

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