Friday, August 8, 2014

Auntie AA Comes to Town

We had a nice visit from Darin's sister Amelia last weekend.  She was in D.C. for a conference and was able to get a couple extra days off of work to swing down and hang out with us.  She got here Friday evening and left Tuesday evening.  We made sure to pack in as much as we could during those quick four days.

We started out in Colonial Williamsburg on Saturday morning where we got to participate in our first protest.  We "stormed" the Governor's Palace with some colonial men leading us on.

There were colonial people spread throughout the crowd.  This lady cracked me up, she was softly speaking against the protest as she walked around us.  It was pretty entertaining.

Here they are being rebels after the big protest.

That rainy afternoon we made our way down to Yorktown (where the last battle of the Revolutionary War took place).  We walked around their recreation of an army encampment, farm and museum.  Not as spacious as Jamestown, but still very interesting and informative.

While on the farm, Shae found this bucket loaded with dirty water...toddler paradise. He could have played right there for days.


We didn't let the rain stop us from stopping by the Yorktown beach right down the street.  We had a nice overcast picnic on the sand while Shae ran straight for the water and I had the thrilling job of keeping him away from the hundreds of jellyfish surrounding the shore. Remind me to never go to that beach again. 

Monday we walked around campus/the Wren building in the morning, took Amelia to our favorite Indian lunch buffet, then went to Jamestown in the afternoon.  I clearly wasn't in the mood to take pictures since all I have from those outings are these pics that Amelia sent me.

Tuesday we started the day with Duck Donut's (trying to convince Amelia that these are really the best donuts and not her Toronto donuts).  We then dropped Darin at work and went up to a farm to pick up our friend's vegetable basket (that they let us take for the week since they were out of town).  Shae and I were almost eaten by the head honcho chicken. That made for an exciting visit.

The most sugar you are ever getting for breakfast kid...enjoy it.

We spent the rest of the morning at Busch Gardens where Shae ran around the Splash Pad and hopped on a few rides. I love how serious he is on this ride, but he wouldn't stop pointing and running towards it, so I assumed he wanted to go on it again.

He got this ride all to himself, which he was clearly thrilled about.

Shae loved having a friend around to play with him all day.  The day after she left he woke up and went straight to the room where she was staying and knocked on the door.  He looked really confused when I opened the door and no one was inside. He sure does love having family visit, as do we! 

Don't let his face in this next picture fool you, he really did like having Amelia visit...and he really does love the adorable outfit she brought him (as do I). 

 They're quite the pair.

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