Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last Monday I was in Washington D.C.

Just me and the Man, trying to figure the capitol out and how to find a parking lot to the Nationals/Braves game that wasn't $40. Lucky for us, we finally found a cheaper lot at $20. Unlucky for us, the cheapest one we could find was $20. Seriously?! People can really charge that much for PARKING!?!

We basically planned the dates of our east coast vacation around:
 1. Scott and Laura's wedding
2. Where the Braves would be playing (It's Chippers last season!)

The Braves helped us out quite nicely by playing in Philly at the beginning of the month and Washington at the end of the month. Darin is scared of losing his life in Philly as a Braves fan and frankly, I just don't think he could handle being around so many Philly fans all at once, so we went with Washington. We were excited to see Bryce Harper play as well considering last summer we were watching him play in a single-A game in Delmarva and now he has become a star of the big league.

Darin had never been to batting practice before (crazy right? he's from Idaho. there's only so much you can do). So we made sure to get there a few hours early so that Darin could turn on his inner child and chase down balls with all the other 9 year-olds. He really did look like a little kid in baseball heaven. AND... he was inches away from catching one of the balls that Chipper hit. If only his arms were a teensy weensy bit longer.

You would be just as excited as Darin was if you were this close to some of your idols (minus Uggla. Thanks for ruining the game buddy!).

And the clouds came in and the rain came down and the tarps went out. I was crossing my fingers the entire time hoping that they wouldn't call the game since we were getting back on an airplane for UT in 2 days.

Yay! It turned out only being an hour delay.

Darin was really adamant about me taking pictures of the president race (love the nationals mascots, classic D.C.). Not so sure what I'll ever do with these pics but to show that I did record this moment in history, here they are for your viewing pleasure.
Pretty sure Mr. Washington won.
Starting to get ansy as we move into the 11th inning.

In the 12th we decided to move down and sit with the cool kids in the hundreds of dollar seats. We were SO close!

Not many people left in the stadium in the 13th inning when the game ended embarrassingly by our very own Dan Uggla. Could have at least tried to make a play, any play, something... but we're over it, can't you tell?

Game ended at 1am, got home to PA at 4am. Long day but it was worth it (even with Uggla's mishap). Baseball with my baby. Nothing better.


  1. No pictures from the Spikes game?

  2. Darin's life is now pretty much complete:)