Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Stella was stella

Winter storm Stella was legit. It started snowing in the middle of the night Monday night and didn't stop until Wednesday evening. While not being super excited for a huge snow storm in the  middle of March, this one was surprisingly quite fun. You'd think we would have all gone stir crazy being inside for 2 days straight, but there was just something about watching the snow fall ALL DAY LONG that made us all just want to hibernate inside (and take advantage of the fact that daddy was home with us for some of it--mostly in the bed room working on a paper, with occasional visits). 

And while we were mostly inside, we did step out a few times to take in the snow. On Tuesday the kids went out and played on the balcony for a bit.

We had planned a little pie party with some friends, but ended up cancelling because no one could drive. Good thing since I burned my  Triple Berry Pie! (While watching the Great British Baking Show no less! How embarrassing!) We still ate it and just scraped off the burned parts. We did end up rescheduling our party for the weekend and I made Mel's Magnolia Lemon Pie which was heavenly. Definitely making that one again. (Funny side note, the other three families all brought Peanut Butter Chocolate Pies! So funny because that is what I almost made until one of my friends said she would be bringing one. I guess we all had peanut butter on the brain).
On Wednesday we played inside in the morning for a bit while also people watching from the kids room (one perk to our apartment living is our huge bedroom windows). At one point our neighbor was out there trying to dig out his car with his ice scraper so I jumped out to help him while the kids rooted us on from the window. After coming back inside, the kids said they wanted to go out and "help" also and I figured, why not, they could use some outside time. It ended up being so fun to play in the deep snow. Shae and I did quite a few cannon balls into the parking lot.

This last picture is from Saturday. We went out and climbed all the massive snow piles all throughout our apartment complexes. Pretty sure they will be here till the first day of summer...

It's sunny and 45 today so it feels like spring really is coming (yay!) except it's supposed to snow again tomorrow... 

This kind of snow is kind of what we expected to be normal here in Ithaca, good to know that normal it is not.

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