Thursday, February 16, 2017

Birthday Numero 4

Shae knows his birthday comes soon after Christmas and New Years, so we've counting down to this day for quite some time now. We were both very excited for Friday to arrive so that we could get everything ready for the party the next day. It was really fun doing all the prep work with him. His excitement was contagious. 

He was easily convinced when I mentioned having a Paw Patrol party a few weeks ago. Once he got it in his head, it was all he talked about. Here he is getting the Marshall fire house ready for one of the games. 

Frosting the cake!
 He loved choosing a few of his pups and sticking them on the cake. 

 We found this Pin the Badge on Skye game on Nick Jr.'s web-site (thank goodness, b/c I was going to try and free hand a pin the tail on the pup and I doubt it would have been pretty). 
We let Shae invite four friends since he was turning four.  He chose to invite his three Joy School friends (Naomi, Liesel, and Eppie) and his church buddy Ayden. Shae also sent an invite to Philip and we were all so excited when he said he would come! The party was pretty much a glorified Joy School. We started off with a little craft, decorating goodie bags with paw patrol pictures. 

We then moved on to making pup-sicles (paw patrol stick puppets).
 Darin played a little impromptu balloon in the air game with the kids while I cleaned up the crafts.

 Getting ready to play Pin the Badge on Skye. I should have known from the below picture that the little stinker could see through the eye mask, but I guess I was busy taking pictures or something...
 Nailed it. 
 As did she :).

 Moving on to put out the fires on Philip's house! (Shae said it was his house...)

 Then our final activity was the Pup Pup Boogie Dance Off. We did different dance moves for each pup while jamming out. 
 While the kids ate their Hot Pups I read a few Paw Patrol books that we got from the library. 
 Then on to presents! I just loved how excited he was when his friends walked in with gifts. He said, "SHE brought a gift TOO!" His excitement was just so tender, I love that he wasn't expecting anything from anyone and to see how happy his friend's thoughtfulness made him. 
 Reading his card from Eppie.
 He loved this activity book that he received. Along with the Captain America that Ayden got him, the car/boat from Philip, the light saber/map puzzle from Grandma, the quarters and Cars stickers from Ibu, and the science experiments from Naomi. 

It was such a fun day to celebrate this sweet boy. 

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