Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In case you needed a good dose of Belén in your life...

14 months has never been cuter.

Shae would easily choose me over daddy any day, not this girl. She loves that man. The second he walks in the door after school she baby runs from wherever she is to be the first one at the door to give him loves.

Always keeping busy with something. In other words, our house is always covered in stuff.

Following in brother's footsteps. If he does it, she does it.

That belly! (She is shooting right out of her 18 month clothes). 
She's finally learned that drinking milk is good a thing, thank you Shae for the superb example you set in this department, I know it was hard on you.

"Mom, put Belén in the crib too!" He always wants her in his "car" "rocket ship" "train" with him...she only sometimes wants to be in there with him.

Her hair these days seems to be constantly filled with food which makes styling it quite a bit easier. Basically, she lets us know she is done eating and wants to get down by putting her filthy, sticky hands on top of her head. She knows that gets our attention.

A little semi-pretend, semi-real picnic at the library with chef Shae bringing us food from the play kitchen.

Science Center fun. Her reaction time is not the greatest.

The just recently opened the outside area at the Science Center and the kids love it.

Super B!

Mommy-Belén time while Shae is gone at Joy School. She felt so special sitting up at the table with me to color. It's been fun having one on one time with her while Shae is gone. 

Pulled out the ol' plaque for a missionary Family Home Evening a few weeks ago and the kids had fun wearing it around the house. She also kind of looks like she is about to say a prayer in this picture. How fitting.

Last days at the park with her good buddy Maddy before she moves. It's been so fun to see these girls grow up together these past 9 months.

Too cool for school yo.

All she wants to do these days is get that little body of hers out the door. Check out those finger prints on that window. Yowzah. 

Independence is her game these days. Won't let us feed her anything. If I try to hold a cup so she can drink out of it, she flips out until I give in and hand her the cup and watch her spill water down her front. It's a messy world we live in, but I guess she has to learn eventually.

At least it's a cute messy world...most days.

The favorite. Sleeping beauty baby. Open mouth drool, butt up in the air, exactly where it should be after a long day of play. Have I mentioned I have a thing for sleeping kids? 

They're the greatest.

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